Several years ago the winner in a local political election called me a sore loser because I helped someone from the other party. My response was to call him a Sore Winner because he continued to grouse after the election. National columnist Mona Charen called the Democrats Sore Winners because of their inability to put the election rhetoric aside and try to heal the nation. One of the most inconsiderate of the Liberals, Ken Burns, a film maker who can twist everything he’s ever filmed into an anti-American rant calls anyone who speaks ill of Obama a racist. Charen calls Burns a flippant carrier of vitriol. His stomach must have too much acid because he’s in a perpetual scowl as he sees ole’devil racism in every white person who mentions the word Obama. A deranged man with a mosquito brain. 

Jammie Foxx, he who can be expected to revere Obama as his personal savior, at least doesn’t insult people while he shows his rapture. Burns is without that excuse.  

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