Obama Follows The Lead Of Fiscal Greece

Taxes Are Theft

Taxes Destroy Real Jobs

Taxes Destroy Real People


Porky-bama The Spending Pig.

 Fiscal Idiot Obama

Obama Your Spender In The White House

ObamaPhones Destroy Dollars

Obama Spends – You Pay, That’s Not Fair.

The $16.5 Trillion Debt Is A Tax.

Cut the $16.5 Trillion Debt.

Take-A-Way Obama’s Credit Card.

Stop Obama The TaxGlutton

Work; -The Answer To Welfare

Agitate; Obama’s No Work Fiscal Solution

Send ObamaPig to Fiscal Rehab.

Obama Drove Us Over The Fiscal Cliff Four Years Ago.

Stop Porculus the Tax Pig.

Obama The Spending Pig Destroys Jobs.

Higher Taxes Destroy Real Jobs.

Lower Taxes Create Real Jobs

Increase the Bush Tax Cut


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