He despises capitalism which almost lifted the poor in his native Argentina out of poverty only to succumb to corruption. Capitalism’s track record is indisputable. Capitalism leads to prosperity. Socialism leads to slavery and death. Why is the Pope so agaisnt Capitalism and so supportive of Socialism? He’s clearly confused about the importance of money to the poor but by neglecting to explain Capitalism to them he’s on the wrong side of history. Why isn’t the Pope teaching the poor to become rich?

The Vatican has more treasure than Trump. Why doesn’t Francis spread it around the poor about whom he has so much concern. He should be meeting with Trump, the Koch brothers and Geoge Soros to find out how they became fabulously wealthy so he can tell the poor how to get rich.

Pope Francis just isn’t such a good role model. He picked Fidel Casto to visit instead of Bill Gates. While he’s in New York he should talk to Donald Trump about helping the poor help themselves instead of going all Mother Teresa and begging for bucks. He really doesn’t get it, does he?

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