His father with whom he shares his three names was Muslim as was his fraternal grandfather. That doesn’t make him a Muslim. He says he isn’t. He says he’s a Christian. He was married by rev Wright, a Christian minster but Barack went to a Muslim school in Jakarta where his step-father was a Muslim. He practiced being a Muslim. He ate Muslim Halal food. His teachers noted he was a good student of the Koran. His mother went to great lengths to teach him about the greatness of his father. Any son emulates his father. It’s very natural and his father was Muslim. 

Despite all his visibility much of Obama is still an enigma. There’s are parts of him that remain aloof from us. Although not unusual, it doesn’t feel quite right to many people.

Al-Andalus is Arabic, not Spanish. Remember the Muslims invaded, conquered and ruled Spain for 782 years from the year 711 to 1492 when the Pope began the Re-Conquest of Spain. It’s more than curious Obama refers to Spain not as Spain but as Andalusia. Is that what he was taught in the Muslim school he attended in Jakarta when he was an adolescent? Certainly the name for Spain in American history books isn’t Andalusia. American’s do not refer to Spain as Andalusia. Is Obama speaking in code to Muslims when he uses the word Andalusia? Is he doing that to verify his bona fides with Muslims? It certainly doesn’t make him more Christian although he is entitled to the benefit of any doubt about his actual religion.

Could Obama be Muslim and act Christian according to the Muslim practice of deceiving infidels by lying which is called taqiyya?  


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