Since the Pope professes to help the poor and because he exhorts Capitalistic America to give more money to his church so his church can support the poor, it makes sense for the Pope to explain how the poor can help themselves. The Pope must explain prosperity. How to get it; how to keep it and what to do with it.

Yeah, right; and ruin a good thing for the Vatican ensemble of Cardinals, Bishops, Priests and nuns. Not happening. The church in many ways is invested in keeping poverty going otherwise they lose the basis for their existence. It’s the anti-Capitalism part, the only system that ever helped the poor become less poor, that’s the issue here.

The Pope is from Argentina. Argentina was once one of the leading economies of the world, but it was ruined by the kind of socialist based clap-trap that the Pope favors over Capitalism; the same proven not to work economic nonsense that caused Argentina to become poor again.

Judge Andrew Nepolitano wrote: “Comes now Pope Francis to use moral relativism to take the Church in two dangerous directions. The first is an assault on the family, and the second is an assault on the free market — two favorite political targets of the left.”

“In his papal exhortation on capitalism, Pope Francis spectacularly failed to appreciate the benefits of capitalism to the health, wealth and safety of the poor. Instead, he has reworked the Peronism of his youth to advocate government-mandated redistribution of wealth and to condemn those who work hard, employ others and achieve wealth — even when they give some of that wealth to the Church.” …

So Pope Francis preaches that there’s nothing wrong with poverty. His poverty first ideas work for him because he doesn’t want to ruin a good thing for his organization, does he?

But the fact is the Pope doesn’t know how to teach prosperity. Only one culture in history has been successful because it unleashed the essential element of prosperity – Liberty. The Church doesn’t teach Liberty. Quoting from, HERE, author Staphanie Slade absolutely shows how Capitalism would do what the Pope says he wants to do which is help the poor only he is too obstinate to do it. “He’s described the amount of poverty and inequality in the world as “a scandal” and implored the Church to fight what he sees as a “culture of exclusion.”

“Yet even as he calls for greater concern for the marginalized, he broadly and cavalierly condemns the market-driven economic development that has lifted a billion people out of extreme poverty within the lifetime of the typical millennial. A lack of understanding of even basic economic concepts has led one of the most influential and beloved human beings on the planet to decry free enterprise, opine that private property rights must not be treated as “inviolable,” hold up as the ideal “cooperatives of small producers” over “economies of scale,” accuse the Western world of “scandalous level[s] of consumption,” and assert that we need “to think of containing growth by setting some reasonable limits.”

“Given his vast influence, which extends far beyond practicing Catholics, this type of rhetoric is deeply troubling. It’s impossible to know how much of an impact his words are having on concrete policy decisions—but it’s implausible to deny that when he calls for regulating and constraining the free markets and economic growth that alleviate truly crushing poverty, the world is listening.”

“In this summer’s lauded-by-the-press environmental encyclical Laudato Si (from which the quotes in the second paragraph were drawn), Pope Francis wrote that people who trust the invisible hand suffer from the same mindset that leads to slavery and “the sexual exploitation of children.” In Evangelii Gaudium, his 2013 apostolic exhortation, he chastised those who “continue to defend trickle-down theories which assume that economic growth, encouraged by a free market, will inevitably succeed in bringing about greater justice and inclusiveness in the world.”

“Even more frustratingly, he asserted that such a belief in free markets “has never been confirmed by the facts.” Worse still, this year he stated in an interview: “I recognize that globalization has helped many people to lift themselves out of poverty, but it has condemned many other people to starve. It is true that in absolute terms the world’s wealth has grown, but inequality and poverty have arisen.” Globalization has caused poverty to “arise” and “condemned…many people to starve”?”

“”Entrepreneurial capitalism takes more people out of poverty than aid.” With those 10 words, spoken to an audience at Georgetown University in 2013, philanthropist rock star Bono demonstrated a keener understanding of economic reality than the leader of global Catholicism.”

The Pope, like every priest took a vow to be poor; to obey and to stay away from intimate relations with women. The vows of the priest: “Poverty, Chastity and Obedience.” The church therefore teaches about what life is after death and how to improve the chances of making it great. The Church teaches what all religions teach which is rewards after death. That’s the most anti-life set of ideas in existence and that’s what Pope Francis is good at. It’s why he can never accept America which is a life-affirming culture. America is about life and prosperity, not slavery and death.

Which explains the resistance against Capitalism and towards Socialism. The Pope is not really about helping the poor get out of poverty. If he was he would move the Vatican to America.

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