It’s part of Obama’s diabolical hatred of America and his plan to ruin the country. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking Obama is not patriotic. He is but it’s to the oppressed people. Obama’s struggles to get government benefits for the so-called oppressed people, the “communities” that he wanted other un-oppressed communities to pay for, propel him to use the United Nations to get benefits for oppressed people not in Europe or America but in the corrupt countries ruled by Dictators or Presidents for Life. The key element of his plans are that the people of Europe and America should pay.

Un-believable? Consider the proposed U.N. Carbon Tax of $120 per passenger  for American flights to Europe to pay for the carbon generated by the American Aircraft that land in Europe. That’s one of the U.N.’s Five (5)World Health Organization taxes coming for Americans under Obama. Here are the others:  

1. The Cigarette Tax, 

2. The Tax on Billionaires, 

3. The Tax on financial transactions which they call the Robin Hood tax,

4. The Tax on Offshore Oil drilling.

That’s 5 reasons the Obama Presidency has been and will continue to be a rent-seeking disaster for Americans. Jammie Foxx may believe Obama is his savior and lord as he recently said on stage but for the majority of Americans he’s making their lives more like the baphomet has appeared.  

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