She of the Great Wigs also implied that Trump was never prepared to be president, saying the presidency reveals who someone truly is. She knows all about that as Valerie Jarrett helped her meet Barack, get him elected and change his intellectual diapers throughout his presidency.
Mooshie also said America is currently in a “dark” place and there is “trepidation” and “anxiety” in America and all over the world because of Trump’s presidency. As usual, she fails to get what went on during her husbands non-consequential presidency which caused Hillary to lose and Trump to win. these are really small-minded people.
Barack was given the Nobel Peace Prize for essentially doing nothing about either war or peace. Michelle bought hundreds of wigs thus contributing to the growth of this small part of the great American Economy. Together with Jarrett they caused so much dissension that Donald Trump easily won the presidency which effectively stopped the left-Wingnut drift in America and returned us to better times during which Michelle can continue to wear massive wigs.