America has three hospital ships that could be used to help the displaced people who are victims of the various wars and rebel murders in Africa and the Middle East. Refugees over the centuries have been victims, usually quite innocently, of war. A display at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum tells the story of the voyage of the MS St. Louis, a ship with refugees that was prohibited from disembarking passengers trying to escape from Hitler’s Germany. 

Most Americans fail to understand how the civil war in Syria is a danger to America but Americans are compassionate and always have helped victims of tragedies around the world. That world no longer sees America as a beacon of hope. The failures of the United Nations and the tragedies it caused because of bumbling leaders has worked against the correct image of Americans as benevolent and passionately responsible in the face of tragedy. The Boston Bombings and 9/11 provide vivid examples of Americans at their best. From the Firefighrers, the police and the EMT hero’s of 9/11 and Boston the responses of ordinary Americans in the face of tragedy are well known.

The U.N. claims more than 2.5 million have fled the civil war in Syria since 2011 but the estimate may be off by double. Our family has ancestors who were refugees. They had to begin all over again after losing their homes and everything they possessed from the totalitarian’s in Europe. Some endured captivity in foreign countries before escaping to America.

America’s compassion has always been known to the world which explains the sometimes desperate means used by refugees to come to America. Perhaps sending medical relief and hospital ships to the Eastern Mediterranean would continue this worthwhile work to some of the most desperate people.  


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