Olivia Jade Giannull and her sister Isabella are the now-disgraced daughters who in attending USC completed the College and University bribery scandal. She should be discredited, kicked out and resign and get into a college with her proper credentials instead of the massive bribe used to get her into USC where a deserving person couldn’t get in because of the filthy bribe her cheating mother paid.  The scandal has upwards of 40 people accused.

Same for Felicity Huffman’s daughters Sofia Grace Macy and her sister Georgia. Huffman was arrested by seven guns drawn FBI agents. She cooperated as her husband, actor William H. Macy, and their two daughters, whose SAT scores were altered in a bribery scheme, were asleep at the time Felicity was ordered out of the house. This is big time cheating.

Huffman was charged Tuesday with conspiracy and Federal honest services mail fraud in connection with their daughter Sofia’s Dec. 2, 2017, SAT test proctored by an alleged co-conspirator of the scheme’s mastermind, William Singer. Sofia was also granted extra time and had her answers secretly corrected.

On the test, the couple’s older daughter, Sofia, scored 1420 points, 400 points higher than what she scored in a PSAT a year earlier without any assistance.