Coulter, who has much more sense, is in some kind of tussle with president Trump. She’s far more erudite than the child-mind AOC,– who tripped into Congress and who should be tripped out in the next election. AOC and her kooky Democrats support a complete ‘Maoist’ Cultural Destruction, not simply a Socialist ‘Redistribution’.

Victor Hanson warned of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) ignorance of American history: “When Ocasio-Cortez says that all she can say about Roosevelt and Reagan is that they were racists, and she has such animus, you can see where this thing is going. She has no appreciation — she has no knowledge — of people dying at Guadalcanal or being blown up in B-17’s over Germany so her parents could immigrate here, or what people died in Korea doing fighting global communism. It’s a pretty scary effort to really destroy the United States as we’ve known it and remake it in some kind of strange identity politics socialist image.

Hanson concluded, “Donald Trump is going to say in 2020, ‘You may not like my tweets, but I’m the only damned thing in between you and socialism. And not even socialism, but Maoism.’”