Everyone is born naked but not everyone is worth a marble statue. The epitome of feminine perfection is displayed in the very beautiful marble statue of Venus di Milo. Venus, sculpted over 2,200 years ago is enshrined in the Louvre. Michelangelo created “The Last Judgment”, a wallful of nude people in the Sistine Chapel where many Popes celebrate daily mass.
There are many “levels” of “nude”.
The human body has been used seemingly forever in art. Consider the Pieta on display inside Saint Peters Cathedral in Rome? Or Lady Justice on the frieze of the Supreme Court Building? Rodin’s Thinker in Philadelphia. Michelangelo’s “David”. Horatio Greenough’s statue of George Washington who is depicted as naked with a cloth over his lap. Or the Christian Crucifix. All great examples that show the human form. All appreciated by normal people, an example of which is not Ted Cruz.

In Evangelical policing attorney general John Ascroft stands out. A rather prudish attorney general who spent $8,000 on blue drapes to hide the two giant, aluminum art deco partially nude statues at the Department of Justice that showed far more of the female anatomy than the GQ magazine cover of Melania Knauss who, five years later, became Ms. Donald Trump. She was married in a $200,000 bridal gown. Why didn’t Ted Cruz send that photograph to Utah instead of the GQ cover?

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