Forget the cheese steaks, it’s Monica All Over Again as the Cigar Man continues as the King Of The “I Did Not Have Sex With That Woman” impeachment trial. Bill Clinton, the worst cad ever to have fellatio performed on him by an immature, star-struck intern in the oval office who cheated on his wife tries to tell everybody he’s a paragon of virtue compared to who? His Sell-Your-Soul for cash for The Clinton Foundation?

Not since Bonnie and Clyde has a professional crime family become so popular.

Bill Clinton has been exposed as a “two-faced Janus” politician who “revealed one of his contrasting sides. Not the smooth, white Southern politician who moves among African Americans with ease and grace, but the smug and paternal Southern white boy who simply wants you to hush and swallow his lies whole.” Monica saved herself, possibly her life by saving “The Blue Dress” with the semen stains that proved Bill ejaculated in the oval office. A disgraceful testicle driven louse of a human. Why did the Democrats put him on the speakers platform yet again?

The Clintons are lost forever in the morass of the moral and political swamp they created.

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