Denying the cause of Terrorism. That’s his everlasting legacy to the human race. Denying the truth is lying.
Obama’s silence about the root cause of terrorism is against the Commandment that prohibits lying because keeping silent when you should speak is one form of lying. Another, and Obama has committed it after every police attack and every terror attack is failing to support the white folks in America.

His first example was inviting to the White House a walking brier patch named Black Professor Gates who broke the law. Obama doesn’t invite his enemies there, only his friends so here came Guilty Gates, the Harvard professor who along with his taxi driver was trying to break down the door to a private home when the police arrived.
Gates is a belligerent man. The police often cause his reaction to be far in excess of exuberant against. In this case he was duly arrested and charged, Along came the similar skinned President who invited him to the White House, (the irony doesn’t except) for a beer with the arresting officer.

The trio didn’t change their minds. Guilty pronounced the cop. Chagrin flew across the presidential forehead. To be on the wrong side of the law is familiar territory to the two similar-skinned ones. The cop was white. The cop was right and Obama as he’s been on far too many occasions wrong again. Skin color isn’t a reliable indicator of guilt or innocence, the President has yet to learn that. A big sin. .

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