Being Muslim does not mean hating America but in the case of Ilham Omar, Ocasio-Cortez and Rashita Tlaib it definitely means that. All three of these dark denizens are not only against America, in the specific case of Ocasio she compared president Trump to Hitler. She claimed president Trump needed a woman to vilify which of course is nonsense on a stick. Ocasio is a woman, true but she’s an enemy of the Left, an enemy of president Trump and the Democrats will be well-served when she’s out of the American Congress. Omar has inverted the 9/11 terror committed against Americans by Muslims in the name of Islam into an attack on Islam by the American people.

Thousands of Americans were victims of radical Islam on 9/11; thousands more died in the Middle East when  then president Bush sent the American military to attack Saddam Hussein to defend the human rights of Muslims. Bush also sent tens of thousands of additional troops to quash Iraq’s terrorist insurgency. That cause now appears ill-fated, given the cultural illiberalism of the Arab and Muslim world.

So we have the outrageous spectacle of three women in congress who routinely atack president Trump and Americans with their charges of anti-Muslim bigotry. That’s a set of lies. It’s diversion, delusion and traitorous. History will not be kind to these people.