The story in Zimbabwe should be about Cecil the farmer not Cecil the lion.

Zimbabwe President Mugube has ordered white farmers out of Zimbabwe. HERE. The white farmers face forcible eviction because Mugabe launched his drive to compulsorily acquire white-owned farms for black resettlement two years ago.

Mugabe said: “White people should “all go back to England“, promising Black Zimbabweans that Whites will never return to the farm land they were evicted off of.”

Back in July 2013 Mugabe declared: “White people would no longer be allowed to own land in Zimbabwe, and the few White people left must now be removed.

“We will have no mercy for white people regarding the land, they cannot own our soil.” Mugabe said in July 2013, according to

“They can own properties and factories according to our laws but not a piece of land.”

“We want it indicated in our laws that Zimbabwe has truly come back to its owners and the whites will never come back”

The United Nations (UN) is once again facing pressure to take the lead in confronting Robert Mugabe and the crimes against humanity he is responsible for. New York based advocacy group AIDS-Free World this week called on the UN Security Council to step in, warning that if there is no international intervention in Zimbabwe, more violence and human rights abuses
could be seen there. Mugbe’s Zimbabwe is a Rogue Nation that hates and murders White People.

Lion poaching? The problem is not poaching Lions but the murderous genocide against white people in Zimbabwe that has spilled over the border into South Africa. What’s the big deal over a lion or a giraffe compared to all of the white men, women and children murdered with government permission in Southern Africa?

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