Should Iran be trusted to keep it’s promise not to build a nuclear bomb for ten years? Of course not if the answer is based on what’s best for Israel, the biggest and only super-power in the Middle East which has nuclear weapons but has never used them. Let’s get real here. What country has the most to lose when Iran follows Israel, Pakistan which went nuclear in 1988 and North Korea into the nuclear club? Hint: it’s not America.

The price of oil just went lower and Americans are reaping the benefits of $1.98 a gallon gasoline. Diesel fuel which powers the railroads and trucks returns to $2 a gallon lowering the costs of everything that must be transported which is basically everything.

Israel benefits most from the Iran Treaty. Israel will not have to bomb Iran’s reactors like it did to Syria’s and Iraq’s.

Commerce with Europe benefits both the Europeans and Iran. The sanctions worked. The Treaty has been signed. America cannot stop it even if Congress veto’While diplomacy brought the United States and Iran to this point, cash is what will expand and sustain the relationship.

“Iran, with the fourth-largest proven crude oil reserves and the second-largest natural gas reserves on the planet, is ready to start selling on world markets as soon as sanctions lift. Its young people reportedly yearn for greater engagement with the West. The lifting of sanctions will allow Iranian businesses access to global capital and outside businesses access to starved Iranian commercial markets.

“Since November 2014, the Chinese, for example, doubled their investment in Iran. European companies, including Shell and Peugeot, are now holding talks with Iranian officials. Apple is contacting Iranian distributors. Germany sent a trade delegation to Tehran. Ads for European cars and luxury goods are starting to reappear in the Iranian capital. Hundreds of billions of dollars worth of foreign technology and expertise will need to be acquired if the country is to update its frayed oil and natural gas infrastructure. Many of its airliners are decades old and need replacement. Airlines in Dubai are fast adding new Iran routes to meet growing demand. The money will flow. After that, it will be very hard for the war hawks in Washington, Tel Aviv, or Riyadh to put the toothpaste back in the tube, which is why you hear such screaming and grinding of teeth. Europeans are flocking into Iran to sell everything.” HERE

Most significantly, Iran’s leaders do not live with the fear that their country will be involved in an Islamic revolution. They already had one.

Maybe you don’t like Iranians although when they are called Persians you may agree they are OK. Obama’s treaty doesn’t make America and Iran friends. OTOH as President Kennedy famously said: keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

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