If Staten Island or Ocean City was represented by a union, the hurricane Sandy damage would have been repaired faster than a speeding bullet. (Shows my age) Anyhow, Obama said he saved the auto industry. OK. Presume he did. Why didn’t he save Staten Island? Is it because Staten Island is racist, one of the charges Obama uses against his critics?

Horace Cooper, an adjunct fellow at the National  Center for Public Policy Research. wrote: “that the Obama White House frequently made charges of racism or sexism about cases pending before federal courts.” (Here).

Is it because Staten Island has no large unions like GM and Chrysler? Partly, but Obama hasn’t saved Staten Island because he doesn’t know how to do it. He’s a community agitator by inclination and training. Obama is about dividing people to get free money, and separating people by race, sex, religion national origin to get elected. Obama said in a speech that: “we should be investing in minority owned businesses. (Here). Minority businesses is the way to be against some races while supporting others. It’s how Obama categorizes citizens by race. Maybe Obama believes the citizens of Staten Island are rich so they should be punished, not helped like he wants to punish the rich by taking their money by raising their taxes. Or that the government is supposed to help the poor and many people on Staten Island had homes so they are not poor and they should go buy another home to replace the one the hurricane destroyed. So Staten Island can fix itself and Obama just left for a junket to the Far East where Michelle and her 28 personal assistants can shop in Hong Kong and Singapore and the unaffiliated citizens of Staten Island can just go to ….  help themselves.

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