Four more worse years than the last four as America is divided more and more by the President. The Washington Times published detailed information about how Obama has worked to divide people. (Here).  Obama: a poor excuse for president.

Race is used by the race-hultlers to divide people. Obama, the ‘offended’ used his race to get votes. In 29 (100% African-American) districts in Philly 100% voted for Obama. If there was a second issue in those districts it went unrecognized and un-reported.  Obama wants Americans fighting each other and his race-based agitation served him well to the detriment of bringing Americans together as every other president until Obama did. Multi-culturalism produces divisions along multiple fault lines like race, ethnicity, religious, sex and national origin. Obama exploited them to get elected and re-elected.

Dick Lamm, former three-term Democratic governor of the US state of Colorado, wrote in his essay “I have a plan to destroy America”: “Diverse peoples worldwide are mostly engaged in hating each other – that is, when they are not killing each other. A diverse, peaceful, or stable society is against most historical precedent.”

Al Quida declared and is fighting a War Against America and the president goes after Americans, —  in America. His anti-American parents are no doubt proud of the progeny they created who’s doing more harm to America, the country his mother left and his father hated. If Obama had America in his heart he would be helping America’s friend, ally, intellectal associate, Israel. Obama should be fighting against al-Quida for the rocket attacks against America in Benghazi and the rockets from Egypt and Gaza agaisnt Israel. Obama should develop the integrity to smash al Quida, not play word games against two Republican U.S. Senators who have come to know what he’s about.  

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