Most women do not wear a headscarf nor do all Muslim women wear it. It is voluntary, not mandatory or compulsory to wear a headscarf in Islam. Not compulsory in most places around the globe although it is against the law in a few countries for women to show their hair. One U.S. Congresswoman refuses to show her hair and wears a scarf to cover it. Another Muslim U.S. Congresswoman shows  her hair with no covering. 

Since it is voluntary to wear a hijib, a headscarf in Islam, people who know the religion of the 9/11 attackers was Islam and that Ilhan Omar is a Muslim she is connected through her religion to other Muslims who follow the religion of the 9/11 murderers. ‘My choice’ said Ilhan Omar as she becomes the first person to wear a hijab in US Congress. Here’s a message to Ilhan. Choice is often a two way street. It’s our choice to like or dislike her hair covering. 

Another issue is the anti-semitism attitude of the Muslim, Ilhan Omar which people connect to her religion which caused some Muslims to say Israel has no right to exist and it will be wiped from the earth. Iran’s supreme leader says destruction of Jewish state is ‘possible and will happen.. No one denies many Muslims want to see Israel disappear. 

All this represents a major fault line that has appeared in America. It’s a dangerous set of circumstances that will most likely get even more dangerous in the months and years ahead.  

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