We’re living under the blossoming dictatorship of a petulant child says Michael J. Hurd, Here. Nate Hentoff who used to write for The Village Voice is not a conservative Republican by any means. He is now calling for the Impeachment of Barack Obama, one of America’s biggest mistakes. Obama, not Hentoff.

Nate Hentoff is widely known as a leading authority on the Bill of Rights and the Supreme Court.  Hentoff was a columnist and staff writer with The Village Voice for 51 years, from 1957 until 2008. Hentoff still leans very Left, still hates Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield & Guantanamo but he’s been against Obama for years.

“Within a few months after he was elected, I wrote a column saying he was going to be the most destructive, dangerous president we’ve ever had,” he said. Hentoff reported that people he’d known for years told him to stop being so negative and to give Obama a chance.  “Well, we’ve given him a chance. I understated the case a little.” In other words, Hentoff thinks Obama is the most dangerous and destructive president ever. Read more here.

Also, there’s a well researched book, Impeachable Offenses: The Case for Removing Barack Obama from Office which presents the case for Impeachment but only up to October of 2013.  A reviewer wrote: “Offenses of this kind survive today in the Uniform Code of Military Justice. It recognizes as punishable offenses such things as perjury of oath, refusal to obey orders, abuse of authority, dereliction of duty, failure to supervise, moral turpitude, and conduct unbecoming. These would not be offenses if committed by a civilian with no official position, but they are offenses which bear on the subject’s fitness for the duties he holds, which he is bound by oath or affirmation to perform.Congress does not have constitutional authority to legislate the criminal prosecution of such offenses, other than treason, or for military or militia personnel. All it can do about a civilian offender is to remove them from office. The time has come to draw up the Articles of Impeachment as provided in the Constitution.

A Republican Congressman from South Carolina want’s Obama sued by Congress. Trey Gowdy explained federal courts concluded individual members of Congress don’t have standing to sue the president. But he said it is likely a lawsuit brought by the institution of the U.S. House against Obama for vote nullification would work. Gowdy accused Obama of acting by “executive fiat.” “… the pervasiveness of his ignoring Congress has reached the point that we don’t have a choice.”  The Fox interviewer then asked if Obama could refuse to enforce election laws.

“Why not?” asked Gowdy, “If you can turn off immigration laws, if you can turn off the mandatory minimum in our drug statutes, if you can turn off the so-called Affordable Care Act – why not election laws?” Gowdy noted a liberal law professor, Jonathan Turley, agrees, Here.WND reported just days ago on his concerns. Turley has represented members of Congress in a lawsuit over the Libyan war, represented workers at the secret Area 51 military base and served as counsel on national security cases. He now says Obama is a danger to the U.S. Constitution. Read more Here.

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