The election of 2012 is over. Many of us are discouraged, disheartened and even depressed. But what happened?
Mitt Romney was far from the ideal candidate. He proved painfully incapable of defending business, his own private equity career, and the profit motive.
Obama, rather than attacking Romney’s political record, resorted to smearing him philosophically–by labeling him a rich and greedy businessman who put profits over people. It is deeply worrisome that this tactic succeeded.
So after all the billions of dollars spent on political ads and marketing, we have the same president, and largely the same Senate and same House of Representatives that we had before the election–and potentially the same gridlock.
Likewise, we have the same crucial issues before us–“the fiscal cliff”; sequestration; burgeoning entitlements, such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and business and farm subsidies; Obamacare; government regulation and intrusion into our lives.
While it’s possible to blame the election results on the lies and distortions of both campaigns, there are fundamental intellectual and moral reasons for Obama’s victory and Romney’s loss.
We see, once again, that people did not vote on economic issues, even though more than 50 percent identified those as their top concerns in many of the exit polls. They voted their morality.  They voted their fundamental ideas. And, as Don Watkins and I discuss in “Free Market Revolution:  How Ayn Rand’s Ideas Can End Big Government,” the predominant moral ideal in America today is one that shuns self-interest as “greedy” and demands we serve the “needy.”
Romney lost on economics because he could not explain why economic freedom is moral. And he lost on “social issues” because he abandoned freedom altogether, opposing in one way or another such things as immigration, stem cell research, abortion, and the separation of church and state. “

The above is from Yaron Brooke of the Ayn Rand Institute. There is no one except Ayn Rand’s followers who understand the value of principles to a person’s life. Yaron Brooke’s latest book is available from Amazon. It’s wortwhile.  (Here)

There are only a few things which can save America but Yaron’s book can help along with the extensive writings of Ayn Rand.


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