It’s hard to realize that there are 63 million dumb people in America and that they voted for Obama. The stock markets were surprised Obama won. They dropped in value. Another bad appointment, General Petraus had an affair and resigned when he was caught.  Obama is shutting down oil exploration in America so gas prices and home heating oil prices will continue to increase to probably $8 a gallon. Obama should be president of some third world dictatorship because that’s what his vision foreword is for America. More layoff’s are happening as business cannot pay for the high cost of Obama care and for the rest of the overspending Federal government. Obama is simply Bad News with more coming. Business was hoping Obama wouldn’t win so they held off layoffs but they know how bad Obama’s ideas are for business so they are being forced by Obama’s bad policies to lay off workers. As usual, Democrats cause problems for small businesses and low and middle income people lose their jobs.

Eight of the ten richest cities are full of Liberals who voted for Obama. Election night saw McCormack place full of Left Wing-nut Liberals who just had to get revenge on America, cheering on the worsening of America. Obama won by 3 million votes. That’s less than one percent of the population. So 99% of the people are going to see more of their lives ruined by Obama because of the goofy one percent.

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