All dogs are descended from the wolf. Dogs hunt in packs. Same for people. The packs are called gangs. The big gangs rule the small gangs but all of the gangs use money to control government to kill off the strays, called “Individuals”. Marx called the big gangs the Proletariat meaning the poor and the middle class. He called the small gangs Bourgeoisie meaning the wealthy. Marx didn’t grasp the idea of the Individual. Jefferson did. Marx dedicated his life to Socialism and after years of analysis, wrote The Communist Manifesto. Jefferson wrote The Declaration of Independence in a matter of days. Marx invented a system for the poor and middle class to exploit and rule the wealthy. Jefferson paved the way for Individualism. Marx paved the way for Obama’s bankrupt welfare state. Obama is an intellectual descendant of Marx. America descended from Jefferson but Obama and the gangs got control of America’s money. That explains Obama’s soon to be $20 trillion of debt. He bought the votes of the gangs by skillful use of Welfare. The non-working dog-gangs live off the workers.

Obama goes in four years. Hope the opposition can limit his damage to America. So far in his second term we learn about the cover-up of Iraq jets shooting at America’s drone in International territory and his support of the U.N. Gun Ban and a 4 trillion increase in the national debt. Obama’s a disaster.

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