Not in the future, –right now and that’s a big bad deal. He’s inserted himself, wrongly, into the control of the Internet. He needs to butt out. Obama changed the landscape dramatically when he announced shortly after the midterm elections that he wanted the FCC to adopt more control over the Internet by subjecting the Internet to Title II regulations and said—and it’s still on his website—”I ask the FCC to implement this plan.” That’s so anti-freedom that it’s akin to Obama elevating himself into a dictator like Stalin, Idi Amin or Muammar Kaddafi. He’s gone way beyond the constitutionally limited powers of the American President.

Government did not create the Internet, private companies did and when the government gets involved with the private markets it fucks them up. Sorry for the use of one of the seven forbidden words but it’s true. Look at, for example, your tax bills, the biggest use of force on the people. Look at the high price of electricity, entirely, 100% controlled by the government monopoly called your electric company. Look at your local government monopoly of high priced water and sewer service. then realize that your local government, another monopoly, controls your local cable service. Has that been going up or down?

“There’s no question that capitalism, generally speaking, has been the greatest source of human benefit, much greater than any government program that’s ever been designed. If you look at how many people have been lifted out of poverty by free market ideas, it’s tremendous. And it’s that kind of innovation that people often take for granted, because we live naturally in the moment, and so it’s hard to see the sweep of history. But I can tell you that for people as old as me, I remember 20 years ago when the Internet was at its inception, it was hard to get news, it was hard to do certain things that we now take for granted on a smartphone. But now, thanks to people in the private sector taking the risk, investing the capital, and being able to count on a regulatory system that didn’t micromanage them, that’s delivered unparalleled value.” That’s from A Solution that Won’t Work to a Problem that Simply Doesn’t Exist“.

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