Obama continued in the 9/12/12 hidden until Oct now Steve Croft CBS  interview: “…but it was an attack on America.” That’s two lies in a part of a sentence. One that it was “Too early” and another that Obama didn’t know the 9/11/12 Benghazi attack and other terror attacks around the world on 9/11/12 were Terror attacks. (Here). But lying, shading the truth, false nuancing and changing the subject are attributes of this president that are far more practiced than in normal people. That’s the barricade behind which Obama has hidden all his life. Normal people don’t normally lie so normally we don’t expect others to lie to us. Our good character betray’s us and the liars know that. Obama knows that. Axelrod, Clinton & Clinton, Ambassador Susan Rice, who never admitted she lied on five (5) Sunday morning talk shows to cover-up for Obama, Stephanopolis, Candy Crowley and thousands of Obama synchophants and butt whipes know most people will not press them for the truth because normal people don’t normally lie so normally we accept people at their word. that’s how good people are betrayed. That’s how Obama has been playing people for suckers and it worked. He’s fooled 60 million voters and he’s the president for for more economy-crushing years foreword.

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