Who doesn’t know that?

Ever use a free food coupon at McDonalds? A $10 coupon at Bottom Dollar?

But the problem with free stuff from government isn’t the free stuff.  It’s the free stuff is first taken or borrowed from other people.  Government TAKES the money before it gives it out. Welfare now gives money to people with the Electronic Benfit Transfer cards because it’s demeaning to the poor to be seen using government coupons to pay for free food. Free from government is now a virtue. Sixty (60) million agreed with the welfare state and voted for Obama. 

Romney was right. Fourty Seven Percent won’t vote for anyone who wants to take their benefits. Actually, 47% of the population is not just the 60 million who just voted for Obama. It’s 47% of 314 million. 314 million is the population of America. That’s 157 million. Obama has loads of supporters.  

The Democrats figured this out long ago. People like free stuff and they will take it and vote for more of it. It’s human nature to take free stuff when it’s offered. Why should they care where it comes from as long as it comes? It’s too complicated to tell people the money, the payments for free stuff comes from taxes paid for by other people. They aren’t taking the money. They are getting what they believe they deserve because they pay taxes too. They have been taught from infancy to pay their taxes and to take free stuff especially when government gives it to them.

If you think welfare is wrong you need to figure out how to get your message and your belief’s out. March on Washington. Make a sign and walk in front of the capital.  

Charter a a bus and go with some friends.

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