Prices will continue to rise until Obama is out of office. Inflation increased 360% since October of 2011. Under Reagan the price of a pound of ground beef in Chicago in 1992 was $1.89 a pound. Today it’s $5.00. Gasoline went from $0.89 a gallon to $4.00 and it’s predicted to rise to $7.00 a gallon by 2016 when Barry leaves office. It’s not soon enough.  

The national debt will increase to $22 Trillion by the time this Problem President leaves office. The government arms-length take-over of, the control of and the management of the doctors will increase inflation even more. Medical insurance and the cost of drugs continues to increase because of Barrycare and Pelosicare. He stuck it to the seniors by failing to increase their social security checks, not once but twice putting the aged behind the eight ball while he spent millions on the pet projects of his friends who also don’t like America and work to ruin it. The lay-off bomb has exploded. Retailers are cutting back on hours to avoid the cost of providing free medical care to the 41 million poor people. The effects of Barry’s over-spending, more than any other ruler in history, will cause the value of the dollar to decrease even more and the price of everything to go up until he finally get’s the hell out of Washington. Barry is happer than ever. He can work with the puffed up Middle East tin-pot countries, with Putin and with the UN for four more years as he works to decrease the  value of and the importance of America.

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