Has Obama supported Egypt’s new Muslim Brotherhood rulers? Here’s a partial answer from the Washington Post, September 3, 2012. Dateline:

“CAIRO — The United States is nearing an agreement with Egypt’s new government to eliminate a significant portion of the $3.2 billion owed by the economically struggling nation,” (by giving Cairo $3.2 Billion) “U.S. officials said Monday. The discussions are the first major negotiation between the Obama administration and Egypt’s new democratically elected leaders.U.S. officials have been in Cairo since last week hammering out the details of the debt relief package, which could approach $1 billion, a goal previously announced by the Obama administration. A final announcement is expected this month, according to a U.S. official speaking on the condition of anonymity because the agreement is not finalized.”

 A similiar report reads: “..the Obama Administration’s intention to extend, on top of existing, high levels of U.S. aid for Egypt (more than $1.5 billion annually), additional assistance to the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) regime in Cairo totaling $1 billion. Reports indicate that the Obama Administration is nearing agreement with Egypt on a deal to eliminate a significant portion of Egypt’s $3.2 billion debt to the U.S. by giving Cairo that sum.”

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