Sandy is showing Obama’s lack of leadership. Hurricane Katrina showed the leadership skills of President Bush. The damage from Katrina was far worse than the damage from Sandy. New Orleans is below sea level. Staten Island, Long Island, Manhatten, Queens, New Jersey are all above sea level so the damage from the Gulf water was worse from Katrina. Bush responded to Katrina far better than Obama did so far to Sandy but don’t look for Obama to suddenly become smart because you can’t fix stupid.

Obama is a secret supporter of Marxism. Socialism is only a part of his Marx Value System. He’s anti-Colonialist for sure, and believes America is an Imperial Nation that must be punished. Obama is a Stalking Horse for many America Haters like Soros, Hayden, Ayres, Dorhn, Edward Said, a radical anti-American Columbia professor, Brazilian socialist Roberto Mangabeira Ungar who taught Obama at Harvard, and lets not  forget Obama’s 20 years with his pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright and many more. Unfortunately his hatred for America worked as he changed so much of America for the worse. Four more years would bring an impeachment, maybe more than one.

From his indoctrination in Hawaii to Columbia and Harvard, Obama is an outsider to America. The people he followed and the people he appointed, the people in his administration, are more about corruption, cover-up, spin and propaganda. The Democratic party is probably deeply ashamed for getting him elected. The Democrats should abandon him as fast as possible. Under his false cloak of Left WIng Liberalism his excess spending was designed to bring down the value of the American Dollar and it’s worked. He’s worked to bring down the idea of America as an exceptional nation and it’s been working. Obama does not want America to expand or to be successful and those are strange things for an American President. Obama has shown disdain towards Great Britain. He’s distanced America from Israel. He’s supported the Palestinians and backed off from the war on terror. He has redistributed billions to pay money to undeveloped and under-develped nations and he wants to weaken America militarily. He pulled defensive missals from Poland. He’s made it clear he will work with Putin meaniong against America if he is re-elected. 

 Obama’s instincts are to deny everything, blame Bush, blame Romney, blame a video, blame Fox News and Rush for any problems that occur in America but not to take responsibility for his own actions. Obama is corrupt because he has the value system more like Marx than America.  He is a product of “The Chicago System”, of Saul Alinsky’s method of community organizing which is more about dividing the community into pressure groups to get more and take more from the population at large instead of working for money and being productive. Obama does see the government as being able to punish the population at large for the benefit of his special small groups. Alinsky was all about divide the community into the have’s and the have nots and get power to the have nots so they can punish those who succeeded. That’s the essence of Obama’s idea that: “Voting is the Best Revenge”.  Alinsky taught Obama, Hillary and the Chicago boys to  use violence, create division, cause small but noisy demonstrations to get attention and to cause government to pay people to shut them up and to get them to stop demonstrating.

Remember SDS, the Students for a Democratic Society? Tom Hayden, (Jane Fonda’s husband for awhile, Hayden who is one of the worst America-Haters and makes Hanoi Jane seem mild), is a former SDS leader and one of the leaders in “Progressives For Obama”. (developing) See here.    

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