The Most Corrupt American Adminstration Ever.

Judgment Day for the president is Election Day. Don’t miss it.

ETHICS SEMINAR FOR GOVERNMENT.  That’s almost an oxy-moran but it’s true. Here’s the list of some of Obama’s agencies that attended an Ethics Seminar.

 (Reference) Representatives from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the DOJ, Inspector Generals, NSA, FBI, FAA, CIA, Department of Veterans Affairs, DOD, DOE, DHS, GSA, ATF

“Americans have become extremely frustrated and troubled with activities being played out daily in the national news    Every day in the news, we sense and see breaches in ethics, crimes and injustice that are clearly violations being covered up.  The agencies and the MainStreamMedia remain silent and fail to investigate serious matters including Benghazi, the Muslim Brotherhood, SEIU, ACORN; MF Global; Solyndra; Fast and Furious; immigration; healthcare; national intelligence; security leaks; voter registration and intimidation.  Our gatekeeper institutions have failed to pursue the fraud and forgery of sealed documents surrounding the President’s eligibility, birth certificate, social security number, selective service registration and college records to seek the facts.  Instead they put their heads in the sand making them complicit and part of the cover-up.  Everyone should judge and take a stand, investigate and eliminate injustice when seen or discovered. Things would trigger the CIA, FBI, Congress and Sergeant-at-Arms to act.  It would end this administration and send people to jail for their crimes, acts of treason, fraud and cover-ups.  It is time for these officials to be held accountable, face the consequences and go to jail to restore confidence in Government and Americans that the rule of law matters.

“It appears that everyone in Government has bought into operating and conducting themselves in the “Chicago way” using Saul Alinsky, “Rules for Radicals” community organizing tactics and strategies which condone violence and civil unrest.  We have seen this with activities of SEIU, ACORN, the Black Panthers and the Occupy movement.  They have accepted and promoted lies, fraud, deceit and corruption while perpetrating cover-ups and obscuring the transparency that was promised by the current administration.   They must no longer look the other way, holding themselves to lesser standards than they hold others.  Congress must recognize that each of them and their management, including the President and Attorney General, are at the heart of and central to every ethics violation and fraud in every agency and department.  They are directly responsible for all activities.  Congress must appoint an independent outside special counsel to interview each of representative to uncover the violations, fraud and crimes they are covering up to expose the cancer within Government.”


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