The NORLAN whisky glass is made from two glasses fused together at the top. The inner glass has a sort of star shape in the lower part to sort of aerate the whisky as it’s swirled around. It appears to be the only whisky glass that does that. The idea is the taste of the whisky is improved.
VINTURI and other companies make aerators. One for red vine; another for whites and a third for spirits. They work quite well if the goal is to tone down the so-called sharp edges of the alcohol.
The idea of letting wine ‘breathe’ before it’s drunk is behind decanting too.

But wine doesn’t have lungs. No lungs, no breathing.Don’t be fooled but something is doing on with this swirling and decanting.
How much of the spirit, the alcohol and the flavanoids is best for taste? No info available.
You’re on your own.