This is an antedote to the corruption. It’s about a person who should carry the title of Ambassador because of the help he’s given to lots of people.
That title has to go to Hiolland resident Mr. Wayne Mills, a longtime Republican committeeman and the Judge of Elections at the polling place at Holland Elementry school. Unfortunately Wayne got on the wrong side of the Republican leaders so he is no longer on the committee. He is the Judge of Elections because it’s an elected position.

Wayne has a unique set of talents. He probably has the biggest Roledex in Bucks. Wayne seems to know everyone. He also knows the political process from A to Z including how to get on the ballot and how the various Republican and Democratic committees work.

Wayne works easily with people from all parts of the political spectrum. From the Republicans to the Democrats and with the Tea Parties and the Patriot groups. He is proud that he can help people navigate their way through the neighborhood problems and to the elections, with ease and grace.

Mr. Wayne Mills, Ambassador to the Township of Northampton, the County of Bucks and for all the people.

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