If it’s really true that Islam is the basis of terrorism and ISIS, doesn’t that mean religion is driving terror? Whether it’s true or not isn’t important. The important fact is it’s the values of Islam that drives the terrorists and gives them moral cover to continue to fight. The ideological core of terrorism is rooted in Islam and Islam is rooted in religion.

There are other factors that drive terrorism. The idea of Social Justice fits the narrative. Morally, Socialism and Islam are on the same moral base, i.e., the submission to and the subjugation of the individual to the state or to the religion.

Kant figures in the inability of the West to stop terrorism because Kantianism is based in irrationality as is Socialism, Islam and other religions.

Both Christianity and Islam believe that sacrifice, subjugation and suffering in this world guarantees a good life for all eternity. Christianity actually agrees with the religion based moral values of Islam or vice versa so, ….well, …. doesn’t that prove the point?

As long as religion gets a pass Islam cannot lose. If however Islam is separated into the various elements of it’s philosophy then the secular doctrines can be controlled and defeated without impacting the religion.
The bottom line? Elan Journo recently explained what American policy should be: You murdered Americans. We will defeat you.

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