It’s What You Learn After You Know It All that Counts. One of the fascinating things about life is that there are no two alike when it comes to fingerprints or people but there are classifications into which individuals can and should be placed. Call it self-defense or a route to happiness but there are good people and bad ones. That’s what a moral code is supposed to unravel. 

There’s a more local example of the differences between bad and evil. The Northampton GOP seems to have attracted more of the bad. How do I know that? From observing the untold number of rule violations by the Northampton GOP. Some examples are the primary ballots that endorse committee people. The Republican Party want’s committee people selected from the voters but not the Northampton GOP. They stack the committee by breaking the rule about endorsing Insiders. In the May 2011 Primary where Janet and I were on the ballot, the Northampton GOP rigged the ballot in favor of two Insider Republicans. The Northampton GOP took advantage of the good Republican voters who, wrongly in this case, think the party knows who is best for the party offices. The rules were massively broken including by some higher Republican Officials who, perhaps, did not know what they were doing but they endorsed the two insider republicans when they should not have endorsed anyone. They engaged in election fraud by violating the Republican Party Rules. As a result the Northampton GOP is tainted by a corrupt scheme. It’s an illicit, dishonorable, unprincipled, unethical, amoral, untrustworthy, venal, underhanded, double-dealing, fraudulent, bribable, group of scoundrels .

The Northampton GOP did the same thing over the years to remove recalcitrant Northampton Republicans and to elect instead committee people who will tow the Insider commands. Republican Supervisors who kicked down my campaign signs. Republican Supervisors who unfairly sued me in Commonwealth Court where a judge refused to count my signature. Unfair? Of course. Wrong? Of course. Evil? I think so.  

The Northampton Republican Committee lost all it’s credibility as a fair organization that wanted to get the ideas from the people. Instead it is now populated with a bunch of little running dogs who follow the pack leaders and who do as they are told.

Now you know. What should be done about it? Don’t vote for any local Republican because they rigged the Northampton Republican ballot. For more proof read Wayne Mills letter, posted here. Just search this website under Wayne Mills. For a short summary read: This. For the full version read this.  

For a current example see the video of the Sept 25th Supervisor meeting where the Sewage Board was out in full force attacking Supervisor Frank Rothermel because he had the courage to get a video camera inside the Sewage Board Meeting Room which started to expose the massive corruption down there. The Northampton committee people never identify themselves as committee people. They are ashamed to admit they are engaging is a fraud by posing as citizens from the neighborhood. They are horrible examples for Northampton. Northampton deserves better than them. Northampton has the best tow supervisors who ever stood for election or re-election. Frank Rothermel and Jim Cunningham are untouched by scandal. Their administration has appointed the best people regardless of party, unlike the corrupt Republicans. Now you know more about them too. 


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