The Editors, Plural, because the “Editorial represents the views of the Editorial Board” make a box of bricks look like a Mensa meeting. Just about every day, they get the ideas in their editorial wrong. Take today. They condemn “Corporations” for following the tax code. then they complain the tax code needs to be made simpler. Well excuse the evil Corporations who learn the tax code, follow it and figure out their wisest choice based on “The Tax Code”. See how nuts the Courier Editors are?

The columnists for the Courier are also on the wrong side of reality. Not in every sentence, of course but in their ideas that government is the Savior so what’s wrong with making the Savior bigger?

The media in general supports the wrong ideas of the Courier and it’s columnists. Why not, when they all go to the same ideas before writing their wrong ideas. One is the product of one’s ideas. When the ideas are fantasy based, the products are fantastic, to turn a good phrase in support of good ideas into one that goes against the Left. developing

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