Dinesh D’Souza came up with the idea for his book and movie by asking the simple question, What Would the World Be Like Without America? Go see the movie.

Dinesh put his ideas into a book. Go buy the book. Go see the movie too.

What’s the answer to Dinesh D’Souza’s question? There’s more than one. There are countless examples across time right up to the present. Imagine the world with tunnels from which terrorists could capture and kill you, your family and your friends then sneak away. Go to Israel to see the tunnels. That’s a world without America.

Imagine a world where the color of your skin could get you murdered because a dictator decided that only black skinned people could own a farm. If you were white and owned a farm you would be murdered. That happened in Rhodesia and it’s happening right now in Eastern South Africa. Read Ilana Mercers book that explains why it is happening; why it’s going to continue and why it will not be stopped. Her book is wryly titled: “Into the Cannibals Pot” and it’s a history book that predicts the future. Read the book. Maybe it will get you away from the T.V. and into a Tea Party meeting. No one can be neutral these days. You must either stand for something or not take a stand on anything but you cannot be neutral.

If you are like most people who lived in the British Colonies in 1775, you didn’t get involved. America was created despite people like you. If you lived in Rhodesia and the President decided you should leave, you left or you stayed and were murdered along with your family. If you live in South Africa you know what’s been going wrong since Mandela rose to power. A new flag, a new set of rulers, far fewer jobs and lots more crime. Read Ilana Mercers brilliant book but don’t go to South Africa. Its far too dangerous. You might be killed. That’s what the world would be like without America.

South Africa isn’t America. Not only that, it’s far, far from America but there are people there who need the ideas of America if they want their lives to get better but those ideas aren’t really available in South Africa. South Africa provides one more answer to D’Souza’s question. So does Rhodesia and Gaza. So does Eastern Ukraine and the Crimea.

The world has become a worse place since the ideas of America came under siege a hundred years ago in America.  D’Souza’s movie and book track a lot of the problems that are causing the irrational decline of America and the rise of a different kind of culture that’s not based on the Constitution. President Obama has been busy leading America closer to the Rhodesian model.

Ilana Mercer’s book shows how it happened in South Africa and Rhodesia. Rhodesia was renamed Zimbabwe and the President changed Rhodesia into a world without personal liberties, a lot like President Obama is doing in America. Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe had lots of help just like President Obama has lots of help in undoing Constitutional America. Bill Ayres, Ward Churchill, Angela Davis, Hillary, Elizabeth Warren and the left wing media all support the policies that destroyed Rhodesia and are destroying South Africa and America. No one can outrun history.

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