Bill Ayres is a terrorist. At the moment unfortunately, he’s a college professor in one of the worst run universities’ in the world. They get that distinction because they continue to employ him after the smallness of his world has been exposed. Megyn Kelly had to tell Ayres: “that’s unresponsive” during her interview of Ayres and Dinesh D’Souza. Ayres is unable to answer questions. Somehow his mind goes somewhere else and he’s unable to articulate the answer to questions. He always talks while he’s supposed to be answering but he just doesn’t answer.

The first question: is America exceptionally good as Dinesh says or as the other side, your side believes America is exceptionally bad? Ayres said “I don’t believe there are two sides.” Then he says “there’s a tradition of dissidence , a tradition of radicals; that the first Bill of Rights was the result of the Push from Below. the abolitionist movement was the Push From Below’ the womans’ movement; the civil rights movement was never supported by Lyndon Johnson. Abraham Lincoln was not an abolitionist.”

America in the mind of Ayres is a nation of dissidents. No, it is not. Americans are not dissidents, they are like most other people around the world. Their lives are not run in dissent against the government but the patriotism that I witnessed during WWII has gone. The America of patriots has gone because of too many people like Ayres, like reverend Jeremiah Wright; like Frank Marshall Davis; of Stanley Ann Dunham, mother of Barack Obama who ran from America  into the arms of President Obama’s father who together turned their son into a man more like Ayres then people like Dinesh D’Souza and Megyn Kelly, people who love America.

Evasion is a tactic and Ayres is a master at evasion, having evaded a nationwide dragnet for him by the FBI  for 10 years after he bombed many buildings. He doesn’t only evade answering how many bombs did you set off, he simply refuses to answer. That’s lying im se. Ayres is not so smart. He’s normal smart, maybe not even that smart. What he really is, is a manipulator.


He also Hates, — Hates America. Bill Ayres uses double talk to confuse and deceive people. He’s very practiced at calling others names instead of having an honest idea exchange. Ayres used diversion to sow confusion. His words are a mixture of false ideas and outright nonsense like believing America is a culture of dissent. Ayres does not understand people and especially not Americans who know about personal Liberty; the rule of law and a government that they hold responsible for protecting their Individual Rights before they do any of the other tasks of government. Americans’ are not dissenters. Americans follow the rules but not Ayres. Americans obey the law but not Ayres who bombed America while he was enjoying the culture that respected the laws.

His favorite way to argue is to change the subject which he constantly did with Megyn Kelly. “America murdered 6.000 people a week”. That’s all there is to Bill Ayres.

He said he’d bomb it again and he has no remorse for the bombs he set off 45 years ago. He generally only talks against America and when he runs out of answers or justifications he says America was murdering 6,000 people a week in Vietnam. That’s about it for Ayres, a disgrace to America. A man who missed ending his life in a cell because the FBI made enough errors that he couldn’t be tried. Ayres said he is not proud to be an American and that he does not believe Americans are exceptional people.

No one’s saying American’s is exceptional because Americans are exceptional people. America’s Exceptionalism is because of the founding principles that are based in Individual Liberty. Ayres misses the point because as he said repeatedly he is not proud to be an American. Why doesn’t he leave and go somewhere he would be proud to be? Because there’s nowhere to go. Because America is exceptional but because of people like Ayres, Obama, Wright, and the left and the Progressives America has gotten less free and more oppressed by the government. Ayres will never be a force for good in America because he doesn’t understand America or the founding principles.

Ayres admires people like Angela Davis, a leader of the Communist Party USA, who had close relations with the Black Panther Party. She is in the same Hate America league as Ayres. She’s also a college professor like Ayres wife, Bernadine Dorhn another Violent woman who helped Ayres do many bombings.

There’s no need to watch anymore of Professor Ayres. He’s still fighting against America and if you want to have a discussion with him be prepared for him to talk while you listen. In the end he has nothing important to say. The man is an irrelevancy. .  


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