The Northampton Cable Channel televises the actual Supervisor’s meetings. The township pays Jeff Jim, son of longtime Republican Committeeman John Jim to provide the video. Jeff Jim apparently decides what is shown on the Public Access Channel, channel 23 in Northampton. The channel is allegedly to be controlled by “the Township”.

Things get a bit murky when it comes to control of the televised replay of supervisor meetings.
There used to be two supervisor meeting a month. That was changed under the Komelasky administration about Jan 1, 2011. Only one meeting a month has been scheduled. That meant the same Supervisor meeting would be shown for one month.

That changed when the September GIANT meeting was held. The supervisor meeting was shown for two weeks then replaced by the Supervisors at the GIANT meeting.

Who decided to do that?

Turns out the videographer did but neither the Township Manager nor the Supervisors knew he did that.

It’ no big deal that one meeting or another is decided to be shown but it’s highly irregular for a video guy to have the authority to decide. More failure to lead by the Komelasky administration.

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