The idea is to use the Holland Village Master Plan and the Blight Committee to condemn the Mill Race, a historic property in the middle of Holland, to maybe declare it unsafe, propose to tear it down and sell the property to a developer like happened with the Richboro School.  The rumor is some investors made a million bucks on the Richboro deal when the property was sold. Today a bank and part of a shopping center are on the property and the million dollars went where?

The Redevelopement Authority is always available to give out easy money for political considerations. Usually the Redevelopementdeals are half price mortgages.

The Seeds of Corruption have been planted in Holland. Will they grow into a bigger scheme or will the Mill Race be handled by private owners/developers? Who Knows?

Really, — who does know? Are the citizens going to witness or even be part of the back door deals? It’s in their names that the Holland Master Plan is being approved. Are the people unwitting helpers in a sub-rosa scheme? Time will tell.

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