It’s his war now and Afghanistan, where he’s killed almost 5,000 people with his drones, the drones he might use in America if provoked, the drones that are drone-ing on to Obama’s Saigon. In addition Obama’s Guantanamo is another heavy broken promise that go along with his Benghazi debacle which he wrongly blamed on a film. Too bad he brought Susan Rice into it. That ruined her credibility. Rice lied five times for Obama on five Sunday talk shows. Peter only told three whoppers when he lied about Jesus. But don’t pity Rice. Her reward is coming from Obama for her dutiful lies that shifted the blame for the Benghazi murders from Obama and Hillary to an innocent video guy whom Holder sent to jail.

Same for Eric “The Weathervane” Holder whom history will not even remember in a footnote to Obama as Holder has used race to thwart justice in so many instances. History will not remember Holder and it’s too bad history won’t ever forget Obama.

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