Northampton’s Accounting System is just about all nonsense. Very secret. Hard to track expenses. No substantive budget tracking,  just “final figures by month”. Coleslaw.

For 2011 it’s more of the same with no voice of reason trying to get an Objective Review. The 2010 budget was overstated. It should have been cut and all the real extate tax in Northampton could have been eliminated with no change in service.

Same for 2011 where at least $3 million could easily be cut from the budget. But that won’t happen because there is no effective way open to cut the bloat.

But it’s no different than Bucks County’s, Pennsylvania’s or Washington’s. Purposely designed to keep outsiders, i.e., Citizens in the dark.

“Keep ’em like mushrooms. In the dark and feed ’em sh**.”

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