The Gun-Grabbers have been moiling away for decades at the ability to buy and use a gun. In Pennsylvania there are parts of 194 statutes that affect guns. A book of firearms laws, available from State Senator Chuck McIlhenney, (R-Bucks Co.) is 140 pages. It weighs almost a pound and has so much information that a good lawyer would need a week to study it. It bans, for example, laser sights for hunting unless the light is used only to light the reticule which makes it almost useless as a gunsight.

There a marvelous new riflescope that is a Heads Up Display with loads of information visible in the display that is illegal unless the police grant a dispensation from the law. The law is hidden in the hunting laws but it applies to every citizen in PA. If that is not an infringement of the right to bear arms then the words right to bear arms have no meaning.

Of course military and police are exempt from a lot of the anti-gun laws, as they should be but the military and the police are people just like the citizens who reside in PA. Why should some people have arms that are less effective than others? Because they are trained? How can a citizen be trained when they are banned from possessing the training item?

PA is not the worst place to have a gun. New Jersey is notorious for putting gun owning citizens in jail for having a disassembled gun in the trunk of a car.

But PA is not gun owner friendly. It’s gun owner hostile. The gun-grabbers have a long, successful history here in the birthplace of Liberty. Getting America back to Liberty will be a twilight struggle and the odds seem against it. 

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