Feb 122018

All the evidence shows Hillary and Obama used the totally made up “dossier” to start the FBI spying on every Trump associate possible. They actually went to the FISA court and presented this, as James Comey apparently called it, “salacious and unverified dossier” as proof for a warrant to spy on most of the Trump inner circle. Already half of the public now believes senior FBI law enforcement officials broke the law to hinder the Trump presidency, according to Rasmussen. A grand narrative of breathtaking conspiracy and corruption awaits as the biggest political scandal in American history unfolds.
The politicization of the FBI by Leftists is being exposed more every day as evidence surrounding the farcical “Russian collusion” witch hunt is brought to light proving Trump was right.

When the Stable Genius tweeted about being “wiretapped” almost a year ago, does anyone now think he didn’t know how tangled this was, and how stupid and thin was their play?  Does anyone now think he hasn’t played his cards right?  God help them, — they underestimated his capacity times ten.  No, times a hundred.  The man is so many steps ahead of them.

While the media and Hollywood have been missing the biggest political story of their lives, they have been reporting on a story (made up by a paid oppo research guy) that was as stupid as the emperor walking out naked in his new “clothes.”  Russia, Russia, Russia. Stupid is as stupid does, … right Forrest?