Feb 122018

The FAKE NEWS media is trying to create a false controversy by reporting on three players who will not visit the White House out of the 86 members of the team and their coaches who will definitely make the visit. The three cannot get support for their so-called causes so they tried to diminish the achievements of the entire team by cutting off their noses to spite their faces. 

They are neither courageous nor brilliant and their truculence will send a message that the City of Philadelphia has no respect for America. They would be better getting the microphone and telling the president man to man what they are concerned about in the hope they could really change something. Hope their bad judgments will not get them traded because they are first-class footballers but last place logicians.
Since they disrespect our good traditions they should leave America and spend their off-season time in one of the lesser nations from which president Trump will not allow immigration. Perhaps they aren’t so sure of their anti-America stands as to actually put their money where their mouth’s are and invest and live in one of the lesser countries or cultures from which the president is refusing to accept immigrants. Three dumb young men.