Peggy Noonan wrote: “John McCain has it exactly right. (I don’t think I’ve ever written that sentence.) He told CNN that as soon as the U.S. learned that hundreds of children had been kidnapped and stolen away by a rabid band of terrorists in Nigeria, we should have used “every asset that we have—satellite, drones, any capabilities that we had to go after them.” He told the Daily Beast: “I certainly would send in U.S. troops to rescue them, in a New York minute I would, without permission of the host country.” He added, as only Sen. McCain would: “I wouldn’t be waiting for some kind of permission from some guy named Goodluck Jonathan. ” That’s Nigeria’s hapless president.

Mr. McCain said that if he were president he would have moved already, and that is not to be doubted.”

That’s what Americans want done. But President Obama who could have done what Peggy Noonan and Senator McCain would have done didn’t do that.

Peggy Noonan wrote about War and The Girls. It’s worth reading in it’s entirety. She makes excellent points about the use of military force and when not to use it as well as cogent comments about war. “Nobody Wants It”. HERE.

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