The old goat, bully tactics of America’s national embarassment Joe Biden who broke the rules of the debate, broke the rules of manners, of  decorum and civility , and in a final coup of irrationality showed his plastic teeth too often during serious moments, laughing at the War Against Terror, the medical plight of Seniors, (already being denied hospital and doctor care as many hospitals and doctors deny medicare patients), and at comments made by Paul Ryan. Biden is too experienced to claim he didn’t know the rules of civility, He knew them and tried, unsuccessfully to bluff Ryan. It came across as rude, crude, un-gentlemanly and cheating to win. In sharp contrast, Ryan didn’t take the bait. Ryan stood there and kept countering Biden’s packs of lies. Biden acted like the un-hinged, tyrannical dictator- boor he is. He interrupted Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan over 80 times. Broke the rules 80 times. Showed no respect for the American people who were watching his replay of Howard Dean’s hog-call yell.  Biden played a grinning idiot who threw away his dignity and disgraced America to the whole world. He belongs in a cage match, not on the national stage. He is un-Vice Presidential.  

Biden lied all through his speeches about “not being told and not knowing Benghazi was a terrorist attack”. Everyone else knows. Andrew Wood and Eric Nordstrom testified to the Congressional Oversight committee (Here), that the security at Benghazi was not sufficient. No Marine detachments were in Benghazi. Biden lied about all Bengazi. Told lies all thru the debate during which he was joined by the Biden-biased moderator, Raddatz, who was married in front of Obama.  Together they slanted the debate against Ryan No dignity. No honesty. No honor. No character. Biden.

This guy should not be a heartbeat away from the Presidency.  His mentation is too far from normal.  

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