He’s a real weak God and Liberals follow their gut when they refuse to criticize him because he’s so weak. Criticism will, liberals believe, destroy the narrative, that invented mythology with which Liberals surrounded Obama. Left Wing comedians don’t want to make fun of him. They know he’s so weak as a leader that if they point out his foibles their confidence in him will disappear. They are right to feel that. Obama is really not so much. Liberals believe he is one step from total failure so they refuse to laugh at his quirks.

Liberals also look up to Obama like small children look to their parents. Liberalism is a dystopian view of the universe where Obama is a god because he is so perfect. “This is the environment found in kindergarten where every child’s finger painting is declared ‘beautiful and every child is declared special, but none more special and where every child gets one cookie but none get two. Modern Liberalism is based on the notion that the child’s intellectual growth at a level below where he developed the idea of better than and that arresting development will cause paradise. (Here). That’s not only utter nonsense, it sets up the children to psychotic breaks as they learn about good and better. Unfortunately the Liberals elected Obama the false savior, .. twice, and we are the worse for it.


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