Romney’s “sin” was mentioning the welfare state. It’s like the Emperors New Clothes. Most people know about the failures of a welfare state and they know the moral reasons welfare is wrong, (it takes money from some people and gives it to others), but it’s supposed to be kept quiet. Why should it be kept quiet? Because most people are just not sure it’s wrong. That shows the success of the Left in getting the values of the welfare state accepted as a moral value. That’s also the reason for the success of Socialism.

Socialism has gotten the basic values of Socialism accepted. The basis of Socialism is self-sacrifice which means society is more important than an individual. See what that means in practice? It means you must sacrifice for the sucess of the group. It’s sort of like “leave no one behind”. That way Americans can talk about freedom which they know is good but freedom has become more of a myth as the welfarre state expanded to take even more money from some people and given more benefits to those who don’t deserve them but who get them because government choses who gives and who gets. Most people accepted the ideas of Socialism long ago but they are conflicted, they hold clashing principles. Welfare is based on Altruism and most people are altruists. The problem with putting others first means your own values must come second. If you like something but others have a claim on it, you must give it to others. It can never really be yours. On the other hand it is yours ~ if you paid for it or if you own it that clashes with the principles of Altruism. That’s the clash of principles. Others’ first vs. yourself first. The way most people get around the clash is to support altruism but not talk about it. Support welfare, just don’t mention your support. That’s what Romney did. He spoke negatively about welfare. That was the right thing to do but that kind of candor is a sin to the Left who supports welfare because they like common ownership with the government being in charge. It’s a sin to the Right too, because they really do put others first.

So what’s the right thing to do here? How can people who oppose the welfare state in principle still accept themselves as good people? Don’t mention it. Betray your principles in secret. Keep quiet and let the welfare state grow into a 6 trillion dollar debt. But don’t go around thinking you support the right principles. That’s the problem with principles. They can be  and they have been betrayed.

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