On Wednesday [the 3rd], Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), the Democratic National Committee’s deputy chair, tweeted a photo of himself cheekily smiling with a copy of “Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook.” His caption: “I just found the book that strike [sic] fear in the heart of @realdonaldtrump.” HERE.

thanx to Boyd Cathy for this idea.

The simple fact is: the center of gravity of the old and storied Democratic Party has moved to the far left. The Democrats accepted an extremist intellectual and operational template and now pushes a narrative that actually makes the views and vision of the old Soviet Communists appear rather mild, even conservative, in comparison. The Reds are in control of the Democratic Party. 
It’s head is Lefty Bernie Sanders who, most disturbingly was almost the Democrat candidate for President until Hillary, bless her devious soul tricked him out of the race.

And, most unfortunately, a considerable portion of the Republican leadership seems intent on enabling programs pressed by Democrats. After all, their political bread, too, is “buttered by the Deep State.”

On immigration, for example, NumbersUSA has just published the results of a major national poll indicating that a very large majority of American citizens oppose “chain migration” (57% to 30%). An even larger majority oppose the visa lottery (60% to 29%) and insist that ANY form of legalization of status for younger immigrants must include the strict application of E-verify rules (57% to 23%).
And most citizens believe legal immigration should be substantially reduced. Yet, many Republicans in Congress, especially in the Senate (e.g., Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Jeff Flake, Thom Tillis, etc.) seem to take their marching orders from the illegal immigration lobby. What the flip in going on in America?

Not only does the Democratic Party embrace the narrative of the extreme culturally Marxist Left on such topics as immigration, feminism and sexual liberation, and racism, with overwhelming support from the media, the academy, and in most of our cultural institutions, it has been able to set the agenda generally for decades, subduing or scaring off most effective GOP opposition—at least until the advent of Donald J. Trump.

That is the lay of the land in 2018…and the incredible challenge President Trump faces, even in the best of circumstances. And it clearly illustrates the continuing evolution of the Democratic Party to the Extreme Left under leaders like Keith Ellison and helps explain the fanatical and unbridled Marxian opposition to the president, his agenda, and the America that’s still for awhile longer free, even in its most mild or superficial applications.