Jan 082018

“California politicians should be solving the rampant housing shortages and pollution/water problems. The biggest problem facing Californians is exorbitantly expensive housing. Why aren’t politicians focusing on that very real and immediate affordable housing problem? Air pollution and water shortages are other immediate state problems” says a California PhD.

The state flag is Red, White, Green and Black with a single Red Star that looks strangely Red Chinese or like a Soviet Star.  The people are commonly looked at as kooky and not very American because of their race-pandering and their high-nosed, anti-White, anti-America attitudes.

Sanctuary Cities; Sanctuary State

Violating the laws of America makes for a so-called illegal ‘Sanctuary City’. Why is that even an issue? Are laws supposed to be kept, not broken? Yes and yes.
Why are immigrants a problem? Mostly, …they are not problems but many are.
Immigrants come seeking a better place and America certainly fulfills their expectation but what about the illegal ones? They violate the rules from the moment they step over the border which brakes our immigration laws thereby depriving a citizen or a legal immigrant fair treatment?
The mere presence of millions of undocumented migrants distorts the law, distracts resources, and effectively creates a cover for terrorists and criminals.
Illegal immigrants take up seats in our schools, seats that should be filled with law-abiders, not law-breakers. They require homes which causes housing shortages and sky-high home prices because of the shortage.
Immigrants, both legal and illegal require more police, firefighters, social workers and in a welfare state like America and especially in California there are higher costs and higher taxes for the citizens because of Immigrants.

immigrants take low-tech jobs from the part of our culture that cannot afford to make even less money. The poor citizens are mostly impacted by immigrants, not the well-educated.
It’s a bold faced lie that immigration benefits a country but that it has no cost. It costs plenty to welfare immigrants.